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You can run GoQuorum using the official docker image on Dockerhub.

We also provide an official Tessera docker image which can be paired with GoQuorum to handle private transactions. This pattern is used in the Kubernetes manifests and Helm charts.

Pull the image

After you log into dockerhub, pull the latest image as follows:

docker pull quorumengineering/quorum:latest

Run the image

To run the image, pass in the same command line arguments as you would when running the binary:

docker run -d -p 8545:8545 quorumengineering/quorum:latest --datadir /data --http --http.addr --http.port 8545 ...

Docker Compose

Docker-compose allows you to spin up many docker containers simultaneously, and allows you to quickly configure networking and volumes, and develop patterns to use.

The Quorum Developer Quickstart provides the simplest and fastest method to spin up a local GoQuorum network with Tessera nodes, and supporting containers for monitoring.

You can also use the Kubernetes examples and charts.