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Get started with Quorum Developer Quickstart

The Quorum Developer Quickstart is a command line tool that allows users to set up a development GoQuorum network on their local machine in less than two minutes. The quickstart is written in Javascript and designed to be run as a global npm module from the command line.

Quorum Dev Quickstart terminal demo


Run Quorum Developer Quickstart

To run the quickstart without installation, use npx:

npx quorum-dev-quickstart

You can also install the quickstart globally with npm:

npm install -g quorum-dev-quickstart

# Once the global module is installed, run:

Many npm installations don't have permission to install global modules and will throw an EACCES error. npm has a recommended solution.


You can provide these flags when running quorum-dev-quickstart:

| Flag | Required to skip prompt | Description | | :-- | :-- | --- | --- | | --clientType=<STRING> | Yes | Use quorum for GoQuorum. | | --privacy=<true | false> | Yes | Enables or disables private transaction support. | | --orchestrate=<true | false> | No | Enables support for ConsenSys Orchestrate. | | --monitoring=<STRING> | No | Use loki for Prometheus, Grafana and Loki, elk to add ELK; splunk to add Splunk. | | --outputPath=<PATH> | No | Path to output artifacts. | | -h, --help | No | Show help. |

Interacting with the network

To explore the features of GoQuorum, such as permissioning and privacy, follow the Quorum Developer Quickstart tutorial. The tutorial also has information on smart contracts, dapps, wallets, and monitoring the network.


The quickstart provides the option to deploy monitoring tools alongside your network. You can use:


  1. Clone the repo to your local machine:

    git clone
  2. Change into the quickstart directory:

    cd quorum-dev-quickstart
  3. Install all dependencies:

    npm install
  4. Build changes to any files in the src directory and output to a build directory:

    npm run build
  5. Run the updated quickstart:

    npm run start

    Alternatively, you can run node build/index.js.


Quorum Dev Quickstart is open source, and we invite you to contribute enhancements. You will be required to complete a Contributor License Agreement (CLA) before we are able to merge. If you have any questions about the contribution process, you can get them answered on the GoQuorum community support.

Getting help

Stuck on a step? Please join the GoQuorum community support.