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Multiple private states migration

If running GoQuorum version 21.4.1 or earlier or Tessera version 21.1.1 or earlier, you can upgrade your existing nodes to enable multiple private states (MPS) to run as multi-tenant or single-tenant nodes.

If you upgrade GoQuorum without upgrading Tessera, GoQuorum continues to operate in legacy mode on a single private state. In this case, GoQuorum can't be run in MPS mode since Tessera isn't upgraded.

GoQuorum multi-tenant node upgrade

You can enable MPS for GoQuorum to run as a multi-tenant node by re-syncing the node after upgrading Tessera.

GoQuorum single-tenant node upgrade (mpsdbupgrade)

You can enable MPS on a single-tenant GoQuorum node by executing the mpsdbupgrade command after upgrading Tessera. It's faster than a normal sync from block 0 (especially if the network has reached a significant number of blocks).

The mpsdbupgrade command upgrades the existing database to an MPS-enabled database with a single private state (and sets isMPS to true in the configuration). Once the upgrade completes, you can introduce additional private states from the current block height.

You must specify the directory containing the GoQuorum node database using the --datadir command line option.


The node must be offline during the upgrade process (we recommend backing up the node data directory before upgrading). - You can't use mpsdbupgrade to combine multiple GoQuorum databases/private states into a single GoQuorum database.

geth mpsdbupgrade --datadir <DATA-DIRECTORY>

After execution, the node database contains the empty state and the private state (corresponding to the single private state that existed before the upgrade).

Tessera multi-tenant node upgrade

You can enable MPS for Tessera to run as a multi-tenant node by rebuilding from the privacy managers of the single-tenant nodes your Tessera node now supports.

You must merge all transactions from the privacy managers into the new Tessera storage.

Update your Tessera residentGroups configuration so that each tenant has its own private state. This provides a user experience similar to the tenants running separate nodes.

After upgrading Tessera, re-sync your GoQuorum node.

Tessera single-tenant node upgrade

You can enable MPS for Tessera but continue running as a single-tenant node.

Upgrade the Tessera version to 21.4.0 or later and configure residentGroups to define a single resident group named "private" containing all the tenant's Tessera keys.

You can upgrade your GoQuorum node to support MPS as a single-tenant node.