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Clique consensus

Clique is a proof of authority consensus protocol implemented in Go Ethereum (Geth) and included in GoQuorum.


Clique is not suitable for production environments. Use only in development environments. You can migrate a Clique network to another consensus protocol.

Refer to the following Clique documentation:

Migrate from Clique to another consensus protocol

To migrate a network using Clique to a consensus protocol suitable for production such as QBFT, do one of the following:

  • Stop the Clique network and start the new network with the state at the time of migration. Historical transactions and state history are lost.

  • Replay the historical transactions on the new network. The historical transactions are at different block heights on the new network, but the transactions and state history are the same on the new network as on the Clique network.

If you want enterprise support to migrate a Clique network, contact support.